Sattur Original Match Company

Eco Cardboard Match (Peacock CB 40'S)

Eco Cardboard Match (Peacock CB 40’S) contains splints that are the perfect replacement for wax match sticks as they do not break easily. Also, the splints of our Eco Cardboard Match are easy to burn. We are named among the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of Eco Cardboard Match from Tamil Nadu, India. One can obtain Eco Cardboard Match from us in retail as well as bulk quantities.

Specifications :
  • Dimensions : 47mm x 35mm x 13mm
  • Outer Box : 300 GSM
  • Inner Box : White 285 GSM
  • Splints Length : 40 mm
  • Splints Quality Eco Quality
  • Splints Counts 40 sticks per box (+or – (2))
  • Head Dipping Black
  • Match Box Packing 6’s / 10’s Khaki Printed Wrapper
  • Unit Packing 10 packets in a polythene
  • Bundle Packing 10 Units in a Printed Sheet