Sattur Original Match Company

Premium Cardboard Match (Superior Lamp 96 40'S)

We have in our store Premium Cardboard Match (Superior Lamp 96 40’S) for recreational and household purposes. Our experts prudently develop matchsticks and pack them in uniquely patterned matchboxes designed from supreme grade paper. The Premium Cardboard Match has frictional surfaces on the ends to ignite the stick with friction. The matchsticks are easy to ignite, safe, moist-resistant, eco-friendly and light in weight. Buyers can contact us for purchasing Premium Cardboard Match as per the requirement at the best market prices.

Specifications :
  • Dimensions : 47mm x 35mm x 13mm
  • Outer Box : 300 GSM
  • Inner Box : White 285 GSM
  • Splints Length :40 mm
  • Splints Quality Pure Kerala Matti
  • Splints Counts 40 sticks per box (+or – (2))
  • Head Dipping Black
  • Match Box Packing 6’s / 10’s Khaki Printed Wrapper
  • Unit Packing 10 packets in a polythene
  • Bundle Packing 10 Units in a Printed Sheet